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At left: Barbara Marder and Laney Forge,
Co-Presidents for 2019-20

Photo pending of our
2020-21 Co-Presidents


By Laney Forge and Debby Chessin

Greetings everyone,

We hope this finds you all well! It’s difficult not to be able to get together as a Branch or enjoy the holidays with extended families; however, it will be especially wonderful to finally emerge from this crisis to embrace our family and friends and renew our branch activities and meetings “in person!”

The work does go on! Many thanks to Stacey Hilder, Linda King, and the Book Sale committee for their persistent and energetic efforts this fall! It is a joy to know and work with so many people who have given so much time and energy to help support women in education through scholarships. We are fortunate to be a part of a close-knit and caring community.

Our wishes for a safe, healthy, and enjoyable holiday season!paragraph_separator

AAUW Anne Arundel County 2020-2021 Brochure

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In accordance with its bylaws: AAUW is not affiliated with and does not support any other non-profit organizations; AAUW does not support the campaigns of any candidates for public office; but AAUW does support public policy initiatives related to education and equity for women and families that have been approved by the bi-annual voting of the AAUW members.