Barbara Marder and Laney Forge,
Co-Presidents for 2019-20


By Barbara Marder and Laney Forge

February gives us a time to make new friends with AAUW members and renew old  acquaintances. The program chairs have planned a series of C & Cs or informal social times in local restaurants during the cocktail hour. The membership committee is hosting a gathering for members who have joined in the last year and would like to become better acquainted, and the Public Policy committee is providing a variety of actions for members to make a difference in the future of our state and our federal government. As we watch the last remaining states ratify the long awaited Equal Rights Amendment and we prepare to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of passage of the 19th Amendment, we thank the women who came before us and the women we work with now for making opportunity a possibility for us all.

Look through the newsletter to find the opportunities the Branch will be offering in February and March. Consider joining the MLAW briefing or helping with the Women’s Legislative Caucus on a Wednesday morning or joining a social hour and hearing what others are doing. Our next formal branch meeting will be the second Monday in March.


AAUW Anne Arundel County 2019-2020 Brochure

For information about the branch’s Special Interest Groups, download the Branch Brochure above.

In accordance with its bylaws: AAUW is not affiliated with and does not support any other non-profit organizations; AAUW does not support the campaigns of any candidates for public office; but AAUW does support public policy initiatives related to education and equity for women and families that have been approved by the bi-annual voting of the AAUW members.