Thank you for your interest in learning more about AAUW. Our mission is:  To empower women through education and career development. One important way we do this is through our scholarship program. To raise funds, we will be collecting and selling used books and  accepting cash donations. To help provide educational opportunities to more women in our community, please make your tax-deductible donation now.

By Alice Harrison

Last May at the Spring Luncheon I volunteered to be the co-president of our branch. I don’t know what I was thinking!

Debby Chessin, who is finishing out her second year as Co-President, was asking for help and she said it was not an arduous task. So, something made me step forward. Now it is almost a year later, and I can tell you how much I have enjoyed and been blessed by the past year. I have met new people and reconnected with long-time members, and I think we have just about the best group of women you could imagine.

I am excited about our future and what is happening in our branch. Our Book Sale chairs, Stacey Hilder and Linda King, have established a Book Sale Committee that will help them parcel out the tasks involved in getting the job done. They have been the chairs of this huge undertaking for quite some time, and this is such a good idea.

The recent statewide convention, chaired by our own Roxann King and Debby Chessin, was a huge success. Many of our branch members volunteered and can attest to how the convention was so well run and very interesting and fun.

We held a recent Cocktails and Conversation at a Davidsonville restaurant. It was a relatively small group, but that allowed us to talk to each other in depth. The food was good, drinks too, but the conversation was the best.

Our morning book club is full of interesting, intelligent women, and our discussions are lots of fun. This month we are discussing The Murmur of Bees. I have no doubt that the evening book club is just as good.

Elsewhere in this newsletter are testimonials from former presidents. I asked several people to give me a few sentences and I was amazed at what they wrote. Please read that article and see if you are not inspired. Please read the information about the Spring Luncheon. If you have not signed up, it is not too late. We want to see you!

As we move forward to another year (with not so much Covid, we hope), let us all keep the faith, keep showing up, keep thinking about our scholarship recipients, etc. and join in the fun!

paragraph_separatorFor information about the branch’s Special Interest Groups and activities, please browse our website and contact us using the link above.

In accordance with its bylaws: AAUW is not affiliated with and does not support any other non-profit organizations; AAUW does not support the campaigns of any candidates for public office; but AAUW does support public policy initiatives related to education and equity for women and families that have been approved by the bi-annual voting of the AAUW members.