Thank you for your interest in learning more about AAUW. Our mission is:  To empower women through education and career development. One important way we do this is through our scholarship program. To raise funds, we will be collecting and selling used books and  accepting cash donations. To help provide educational opportunities to more women in our community, please make your tax-deductible donation now.

By Debby Chessin and Alice Harrison

Dear AAUW AAC Friends,

I worked at the St. Phillip’s Church book collection site on September 11th. The 20th anniversary of the World Trade Centers’ collapse was a sad day for us all. But working at a book collection site was pure enjoyment. I was there with Co-President Debby Chessin and our Legal Advocacy Fund representative Janet Guthrie. It was a pleasure to be with both.

Stacey Hilder, Book Sale Co-Chair, started us off. Stacey’s tireless efforts are amazing. She was urging Janet to get the first load of books to the storage area as soon as possible so that the volunteers there could get started. The people who brought books to us were charming and grateful. Debby was our chief recruiter, telling everyone that they could join our wonderful organization. Janet had already made one trip to the storage facility and her car was loaded for a second trip. She kept delaying her departure to see if any other cars would be coming. At least three more cars arrived with many more books. I called her the “lingerer.” She was right about waiting.

And there was Dyan. Dyan was a six-year-old boy with a missing tooth. He was riding his scooter around the parking lot, which made the three of us nervous. Dyan was bilingual and cute as could be.

I am trying to describe a wonderful morning. Janet and Debby are both extraordinary people, excellent examples of the women in our organization. During our three-hour encounter we learned about each other, our reactions to the pandemic, our interest in our organization and our interest in helping our Book Sale.

I feel lucky to be your co-president. I wish that we could meet in person and that the pandemic were over. We are trying to figure out how we can meet safely – how we can schedule a Cocktails and Conversation get-together, how we can have a speaker at a meeting on Zoom, etc. It’s a difficult time for all of us. But keep the faith. We will get through this. If we are not able to meet this fall except for the Book Sale, so be it. If we hold the book sale in person, the leaders will make sure it is in a large facility, that people wear masks, that the number of persons is limited and that we do our best to keep everyone safe. If we are not able to meet until 2022, it will be alright. Keep volunteering to help the book collections, meet in your small groups (book clubs, bridge groups, Great Decisions, etc.), and reach out to a new member.

Alice Harrison

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