Thank you for your interest in learning more about AAUW. Our mission is:  To empower women through education and career development. One important way we do this is through our scholarship program. We’re accepting applications now for our 2021 awards, so if you or someone you know may qualify, go to scholarships for information. To help provide educational opportunities to more women in our community, please make your tax-deductible donation now.

By Laney Forge and Debby Chessin

Greetings all,
We hope you are keeping warm and safe in this cold, icy weather! Did you know that this unusually frigid weather – especially in Texas and other southern states – is related to global warming? The interconnectedness of the natural world reveals itself in this example of unexpected consequences over time and distance. The “Butterfly Effect” states that a small change can result in a chain of events which gets magnified with each link. So now…can I compare this with our organization? AAUW AAC is indeed a group of women with interconnected goals and resources working together toward the goals of gender equity. Our scholarships will enable many women to magnify their opportunities for education and careers – which, in turn, impacts so many more.

Many thanks to the Program group and Barbara Marder who arranged for our speaker, Eileen Menton, at our Branch Zoom meeting on February 8. Ms. Menton, AAUW National Board of Directors and AAUW Maryland State Communications Chair, spoke to us about a recent proposed change to the National By-Laws which states that membership will be open to all who are committed to the mission of AAUW, regardless of college degree. Afterwards, members posed questions for Ms. Menton and engaged in a candid discussion of their views on the proposal. All voting will take place online between April 7 and May 17 at 5:00 PM ET unless a member sends a specific request to AAUW for a paper ballot. Closer to April 7, we will send out instructions on how to access your membership number if you have forgotten it. For more information on this proposal, you are invited to look through the materials in The Open Membership Toolkit: https://www.aauw.org/resources/member/governance-tools/national-election/open-membership-toolkit/.

We look forward to seeing you at the Branch Meeting on March 8th at 7 p.m., via Zoom, featuring a special guest, Kim Murphy owner of Crofton Yoga, who will lead us in meditation. Please visit https://croftonyoga.com/about/instructors/ to learn more about Crofton Yoga and instructor Kim Murphy. Thanks to Caroline Flaherty for inviting Kim and many thanks to all of you who are working hard to fulfill our mission!

Best wishes!paragraph_separatorAAUW Anne Arundel County 2020-2021 Brochure

For information about the branch’s Special Interest Groups, download the Branch Brochure above.

In accordance with its bylaws: AAUW is not affiliated with and does not support any other non-profit organizations; AAUW does not support the campaigns of any candidates for public office; but AAUW does support public policy initiatives related to education and equity for women and families that have been approved by the bi-annual voting of the AAUW members.