Branch Officers and Committee Chairs

Co-Presidents: Alice Harrison

Co-Vice Presidents for Program:  Marguerite Cullman

Co-Vice Presidents for Membership: Patricia Wyatt

Co-Finance Officers: Diane Jackins

Co-Secretaries: Vera D. Torrence

Co-Chairperson for Public Policy: Roxann King

Publicity Chairperson: Cathy Crowley

Newsletter Editor: Nan Jarashow

Communication: Colleen Kane

EOF/LAF: Janet Guthrie

Women-to-Women Scholarship: Suzanne Furr

Transfer Scholarship: Barbara Marder

Historian: OPEN

Website: Roxann King and Colleen Kane

Nominating Committee Members:  Gail Viamonte, Noel Eller, Stacey Hilder, and
Marguerite Cullman